R. French Transport

Emulsion and Chemical Hauling

Our fleet of emulsion trailers is less than four years old and is operated by drivers trained to handle dangerous goods.

Our emulsion drivers are trained on our fresh water tankers first and take their commitment to environmental safety and our zero tolerance for spillage very seriously. We work hard to excel in this area and are proud that we’ve never been responsible for an environmental spill.

Team Approach

Our Dispatchers work with Battery Operators to keep single well tank levels at a minimum by tracking tank levels and sending trucks as needed.

Spillage Response Plan

Even though we’ve never had a spillage hauling dangerous goods and maintain our diligence with respect to safety, training and maintenance, our spillage response plan ensures we will react quickly and appropriately should the need arise to minimize the potential impact to our customer’s leases.

Chemical Hauling

We also have, in our fleet of emulsion trailers, a number of new stainless steel trailers dedicated for moving chemicals.

Flow Line Pressure Testing

We have a tandem axle truck available for flooding and pressure testing flow lines.