R. French Transport


We’re proud of the French Transport team and invite you to consider joining us!  We are more than a group of hard-working, “go hard or go home” folks…we’re a family that works together, plays together and supports each other, through thick and thin. Find out more about the job, the company and the community here.

Wages and Benefits

We offer a competitive wages as well as scheduled days off and generous Health and Dental Plan, a Safety Bonus as well as paid accommodations.  We offer top wages to top hands.


While SE Saskatchewan is a great place to settle down and raise a family, we have temporary accommodations available to our employees who aren’t ready to relocate full time to the area. The company underwrites the cost of these shared living quarters.

Health and Safety Training

We are proud of our unblemished safety record and work hard with every employee to maintain it.

This means working as part of a team dedicated to creating and working within a safe work environment.

Because we have received our COR for Health and Safety Management, all our drivers hold safety certificates and undergo a company safety training program. Once on the job, our drivers work closely with one another to ensure safe practices are followed.


All new employees undergo a rigorous two day orientation session to help both parties assess whether the job is right for them. Once hired, new employees work closely with an experienced hand before working solo.


All of our trucks are equipped with GPS and two way radio dispatch to help our new drivers stay oriented on the prairie landscape and get to hard to find, unmarked leases. Our dispatchers will keep you on-route and on time so you can concentrate on making safe deliveries.

Our equipment is well maintained and training programs are available for those employees who express an interest in advancement.